Eagle Dazed

Phoenix, a captive eagle from Dickinson Zoo, was ready to fly from under the big top at Missouri Eagle Days at La Benite Park in Sugar Creek, Missouri on December 12, 2015.  She’s used to open sky during these exhibits and calming her was a strenuous task for her volunteer handler.  My own volunteer task for the day (face paintingšŸŽØ ) paled in comparison. 

Just Write

My new critique “partner” is a third grade author/illustrator who’s already finished her first draft of a picture book! 


Now you see it, now you don’t…


Caught inside a tree while scouting nuts, this squirrel blends into the background. Camouflaged critters like this are a feature in Hide and Sneak, my latest picture book.

Moments to SavorĀ 

A walk in woods on familiar paths can still surprise. I was lucky to capture on video the moment I met the first deer I’ve seen on this path and its subsequent flight. Look closely, as it is camouflaged in the brush squarely in the middle of the frame.