About Me

“What is a tally mark?” The first grader’s question encouraged my friend and  co-teacher to allow a bit of silliness. Convinced that it would be a great joke, I heard his response to the question through little voices whenever I passed by in the hall.

“Mrs. Talley, are you famous since the tally mark is named after you?” “Do you always use tally marks to count since it’s your name?”

And so it went, until my teammate finally set his class straight and my claim to fame ended.

Today some of those students are as tall as I am, but they still look to me for answers.  It’s my privilege to work with students with special needs who inspire me everyday.

When I’m not at school or working on freelance writing, I’m in my studio illustrating my latest work in progress or volunteering with the Missouri Department of Conservation. You also might find me hiking a trail or working in the garden.

Or…you might find me here at TalleyMarks.

Thanks for peeking  in.

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